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Quality Iron Roofing Nails:

[Shank Types:]
Roofing nails can have smooth shank, ring shank and screw type shank…..
[Materials and Finishes:]
Galvanized nails, copper nails and stainless steel nails make the majority of roofing nails materials. Uses vary with metal materials.
[Common Nails for Specific Uses:]
Common iron nails can be used in
concrete, furniture and boat making….
[New Nails:]

Sofa Nails Carbon Steel Nails for Ship Building

About Us

Tedray Roofing Nails Co. has built a reputation as a leader in the supply of roofing nails and iron nails in China - a reputation earned by serving our customers with an unwavering commitment to excellence in both product and service.

Our range of roofing nails are made to meet the most specific requirements of the industrial and commercial uses, while they can be divided into smooth shank, ring shank, grooved or screw shank nails according to the nail shank types. Nails according to Top types can be umbrella nails, square head nails, brad or headless nails, common round top nails. Commonly we define outline of roofing nails by the shank type, top style and point type.

With our painstaking attention to detail, you can be assured that you will have the best possible roofing nails, wire nails, concrete nails and other common iron nails.

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[Shank Types:]
[Materials and Finishes:]
[Common Nails for Specific Uses:]

Major Application

Tedray offers a large range of roofing nails and various common wire nails for general fastening and screwing. Roofing nails are mainly used for building and construction, carpentry, upholstery and furniture decoration. The nails are used to connect timer sheet, asbestos board, asphalt shingle, foam sheet, spring mattress of sofa, framing of wooden pallet, fencing and other specific uses.
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Nails can be supplied in collated coils for nailing gun operation. We also supply nail guns for customers. Injection molds are also for customers option to achieve an efficient nailing process.
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