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Materials and Finishes Applied for steel Nails

Steel nails for roofing and other uses can be made of various materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized steel, aluminum and copper.

Finishes can be HDG (hot dipped galvanized) zinc plating, EG (electro galvanizing) blue and white color, stainless steel, copper plated, phosphor plated, aluminum plated, artificial gold plated and plain.

Choosing of Common Steel / Iron Nails of Different Materials and Finishes:

Hot dipped galvanized nails make the most popular kind among all the nails materials, featuring excellent corrosion resistance and high tensile strength. HDG nails offer better property compared with EG treated steel nails though it costs a bit more. Hot galvanized and electro galvanized nails are popular wire nails for carpentry and building roofing.

Colored painted (copper, gold, phosphor, aluminum )into various colors: yellow, gold, bright, blue and custom. Offering a decorative effect to the roofing surface or furniture surface as well as adhering effect. Gold and copper plated common nails are mostly used as artificial antique furniture making and uphostry industries.

Copper nails, stainless steel nails and aluminum nails can offer different application effects when used with various materials to be fastening and fixing.
Copper nails are mainly used for antique furniture and decoration uses.
Stainless steel nails are used for anti-corrosion high grade building and construction uses.
Aluminum nails are free maintenance nails.
Common round nails with plastic caps are light type nails mainly for pinning thin films or papers to the wall or wooden materials surfaces.

Coil or collated wire nails are special forms of nails working with nail guns for automatic working process in pallet framing and roofing works.

Quality Iron Roofing Nails

[Shank Types:] Roofing nails can have smooth shank, ring shank and screw type shank…..

[Materials and Finishes:] Galvanized nails, copper nails and stainless steel nails make the majority of roofing nails materials. Uses vary with metal materials.

[Common Nails for Specific Uses:] Common iron nails can be used in concrete, furniture and boat making….

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