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Screwed Nails, Tapping Roofing Screw, Nails for Pallet and Hard Woods Framing

Screw Shank Nails, also known as Pallet nails as they are popularly used in pallet construction, wooden packing cases and various flooring. The nails can be supplied in bulk or coils for efficient work in the production line. The screw shank of the pallet nails allows superior holding power in the hard woods. Stainless steel nails and carbon steel screwed nails with HDG treatment are offered.

We offer screwed nails with various lengths and shank sizes, also nails for coil nail guns with a modified magazine, commonly used in production lines.

Typical screw shank pallet nails have Flat head, half-round head, screwed shank, diamond point or pointless. Surface treatment is hot dipped galvanized. Popular nail length comes from 30 mm to 150mm. Diameter: .099" .

Screw Shank Nails with Mat

Export Africa
Lengths 5” , 6” and 8”

Twisted screw nails 3inches
Drive screw-4.5mm by 25kg in carton
Drive screw-4.5mm by 22kg in carton
Lighter gauge
Drive screw-3.5mm by 25kg in carton
Drive screw-3.3mm by 25kg in carton

Tapping roofing screw with metal cap and rubber seal, zinc plated, 100pcs/box.

Yellow Coated Galvanised Iron Coil Nails with Screw Shank

Material:Q235&Q195or stainless steel
Colour Yellow or bright
Dia: from 0.083”to 4”(30mm to 100mm)
Surface treatment polished,vinyl,bright,electro-galvanized,hot dipped galvanized machanical galvanized
Angle:15degree or 16degree
Nail point: Diamond, blunt, chisel
Usage: Indusrial construction, foundry, fumiture repair, general framing and so on.

Diameter(mm/inch) Length(mm/inch) Package(PCS*COIL)CTN
2.1/0.083 32-55/--1-1/4”-2-1/4” 400*40
2.3/0.092 32-65/--1-1/4”-2-1/2” 300*30
2.5/0.099 38-70/--1-1/2”-2-3/4” 300*30
0.87/0.113 50-90/--2-1/8”-3-1/2” 250*20
3.05/0.120 60-90/--2-3/8”-3-1/2” 200*20
3.33/0.131 65-100/--2-1/2”-4” 200*20

Roofing Screws with washers/nuts
Complete, in the sizes
2-l/2 inch and 3 inch.

Screwed nails zinc plated with rubber mat
Two washwers and two nuts each set consists of one screwed rod and two washers, and two nut
Screwed rod
Wedge anchors-zinc plated
m6x50,60. -l0mm and l5mm width
m8x50,65x l5mm and 20mm
ml0x65 and 80 x l5mm and 20mm width
all copperlook, or zinc plated

Galvanized Steel screw shank nails 5 Inch
Galvanized Steel screw shank nails 6 Inch
Galvanized Steel screw shank nails 8 Inch

Galvanized Twisted Shank Roofing Nails (Umbrella Head)

Quality Iron Roofing Nails

[Shank Types:] Roofing nails can have smooth shank, ring shank and screw type shank…..

[Materials and Finishes:] Galvanized nails, copper nails and stainless steel nails make the majority of roofing nails materials. Uses vary with metal materials.

[Common Nails for Specific Uses:] Common iron nails can be used in concrete, furniture and boat making….

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