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Galvanized Steel Boat Nails with square shank for Wooden Boat Building

Boat Nails are commonly used in wood boat construction and repair. They will not rust or corrode in marine use. The ring grooves shape the wood fibers into tiny wedges. The wood fibers then spring back, filling the grooves between the rings, thus "locking" the nail. These nails offer holding power comparable to wood screws.

High Quality Black or Galvanized Square Shank Boat Nail is made of high quality low carbon wire. After processed in drawing, cutting, shaping up, polishing or galvanizing, selecting and packing, the raw material turns to be high quality nails.

BOAT NAIL is a nail usually 3 to 10 inches long made with round head and of soft galvanized iron or of copper coated.

Material: Low carbon wire
Wire Gauge: BWG 4-16
Surface treatment: Polished, Galvanized or Copper Painted

Used for wood building, packing carton, motorcar, boat, etc.

Features: square shank, diamond point, galvanized and hot-dipped or zinc plated

We manufacture and export all kinds of boat nails:


Square Shank Boat Nails for Wood Building Uses

Galvanized Boat Nails, variety:
Galvanized Steel Nails Galvanized Square Boat Nails
Electro Hot Dipped Galvanized Square Boat Nails
Zinc Coated Nails

Galvanized Square Boat Nail
High Quality Black Galvanized Square Shank Boat Nail.

Galvanized Square Boat Nails

Boat nails:
Square shank nails .236 thick x 2" length x .480 flat head OD (head thickness .090)
Square shank nails .167 or maybe .179 thick x 2" length with head 2x shank OD

Boat nails specification list:

Nails Length Nails Wire Diameter (mm)
1” 1.6mm  1.8mm
1-1/2” 2.1mm
2” 2.8mm  3.0mm
2-1/2 3.0mm
3” 3.4mm
4” 4.2mm
5” 5.0mm
6” 5.0mm
As to requirement


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