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Color Painted Common Metal Nails for Ship Building Hardware,The concrete nails which is black i.e. 25, 30,50,70,80,90,100. sizes.

Ship and Roof Building Metal Nails

Shank Wire Specifications: 8G, 9G, 10G, 11G, 12G, 13G

Nail Length: 1"---6".

1-4 inch roofing nails Shank Diameter: M1.2-M6.0   BWG6-16

Material: Q215 Carbon steel

Point: diamond point

Surface treatment: Polished, color painted, black or bluish, electro galvanized, hot-dip galvanized

Head: common round, square, umbrella head

Package: Bulk packing; carton, bag, wooden box:

Specification Of Ship and Roof Building Nails
Specification Shank diameter Head diameter Length
8G * 2’’ 4.19mm 20mm 51.2mm
8G * 2.5’’ 4.19mm 20mm 64.0mm
8G * 3’’ 4.19mm 20mm 76.2mm
9G * 1.5’’ 3.85mm 20mm 38.4mm
9G * 2’’ 3.85mm 20mm 51.2mm
9G * 2.5’’ 3.85mm 20mm 64.0mm
9G * 3’’ 3.85mm 20mm 76.2mm
10G * 1.75’’ 3.4mm 20mm 44.5mm
10G * 2’’ 3.4mm 20mm 51.2mm
10G * 2.5’’ 3.4mm 20mm 64.0mm
10G * 3’’ 3.4mm 20mm 76.2mm
11G * 1.75’’ 3.15mm 18mm 44.5mm
11G * 1.5’’ 3.15mm 18mm 38.4mm
11G * 2’’ 3.15mm 18mm 51.2mm
11G * 2.5’’ 3.15mm 18mm 64.0mm
12G * 1.75’’ 2.80mm 18mm 44.5mm
12G * 1.5’’ 2.80mm 18mm 38.4mm
12G * 2’’ 2.80mm 18mm 51.2mm
12G * 2.5’’ 2.80mm 18mm 64.0mm
13G * 1.75’’ 2.38mm 14mm 44.5mm
13G * 1.5’’ 2.38mm 14mm 38.4mm
13G * 2’’ 2.38mm 14mm 51.2mm

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