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Smooth Shank Roofing Nails

Popular steel nails for general fastening and attaching uses. As production of smooth shanks costs less materials and labor compared with ring shanks and screw shanks, the smooth shank nails are most economic one.

Materials: Galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper.
Technical Note: Iron wire, flat or checkered head, diamond point, smooth shank
Finish: Bright, galvanized finish
Nail Length: Various
Packing: Standard export packing or as customers’ requirements.

Various Roofing Nails for Construction with Smooth Shanks :
1、Umbrella head roofing nails;
2、Stainless steel nails;
3、Galvanized umbrella head nails;
4. Common round nails with smooth shank.

Galvanized umbrella head rooging nails with smooth shank.
Common Iron Nails for General Fastening in Construction
Material:195#,235#or according request
Finish: Good polished, flat head, diamond point, hot-galvanized /electro-galvanized, smooth,shank
Diameter: 1.5-5.5mm
Packing: big plastic adds paper box./wood box also accepted.
Application: Construction,daily use and other industry fields.

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