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Copper and Copper Plated Roofing Nails for Tile and Slate Roofs

Copper roofing nails offer beautiful decoration effect for the building and furnitures when used. Two types we offer: copper nails and copper plated steel nails.

Type one: Copper Nails, Nails Made of Copper Materials, Not Painted into Copper Color

Copper coil roofing nails, degree:16, Diameter:3.05mm. Mainly used in fastening as well decoration for the roofing tiles. Round common top nails collated for efficient fastening uses.

copper clout nails, 2.65mm x 30mm long.

Common Round Decorative Nails   Slate Roofing Decorative Fasteners

Copper nail 6mm from the head and 8mm thickness and 20 mm length

Copper Painted Galvanized Steel Nails:

15 degree yellow color coating coil nails copper collated.

Technical Note:
Roofing nails with umbrella head, diamond point. Shank types can be smooth, screw or ring shank.

Finish: Copper Color Plating
Sizes: Various

Specification of Yellow Copper Plated Galvanized Steel Coiled Roofing Nails:

Gauge Copper Coated Steel Roofing Nails
Diameter 3.05mm
Length  (mm) 38mm
Length  (inch) 1-1/2"
Material Zinc plating wire Electro galvanized into yellow copper color

16 °

 Size Length


 Length OEM 7/8“  1”  1-1/4”   1-1/2“   1-3/4”   2“

Photos of Flat head copper roofing nails with polishing treatment:

Ring shank copper screw nails:
Ring Shank Copper Plated Iron Nails

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[Materials and Finishes:] Galvanized nails, copper nails and stainless steel nails make the majority of roofing nails materials. Uses vary with metal materials.

[Common Nails for Specific Uses:] Common iron nails can be used in concrete, furniture and boat making….

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