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Furniture Nails: Sofa Nails, Decorative Sofa Nails

Sofa Nail is a kind of furniture hardware nail which is more suitable working with delicate materials that are more prone to splitting under heavy pressure. These nails have slender designs and slimmer shanks to help prevent materials like wood from splitting when the nails are being driven into them.

Our main products include decorative sofa nails copper coated.

Copper Sofa Nails

Steel nail 8.5mm antique nails will enhance the appearance of chairs and sofa's.

Electro galvanized umbrella sofa nails

Screw shank sofa nails

C Shape Steel Nails sheet adhered with hot melt tape for sofa fastening
The nails are used to attach the foam mattress to the sofa and to framing the wood panels.

Products Details of C nail:

Polyethylene tape with high tensile strengh, anti-aging properties is used in the mattress clips to ensure the stability and smooth of the clips.

C-Ring use the good quality galvanized material adhered with hot melt zinc layer to protect the nails.

Technical Information of sofa C nail :

Material: C1018

Head: C Type

Finishing: Cold Drawn, Quenching, Zinc Plated

Color: Galvanized Blue And White,Silver


Gauge Crown Height Diameter Packing/ctn
15GA 23.8mm 12.2mm 1.8mm 10000pcs
16GA 16.7mm 8.70mm 1.6mm 18000pcs

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