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Sofa Nails
Carbon Steel Nails for Ship Building

Common Nails

Common nail are used for construction, wooden cases and furniture. available in countersunk, checkered or plain head, diamond point, polished.  Common nails refer to iron nails made of drawing wires for general and multi-purpose uses. Mainly roofing, packing, furniture countersunk, ship building and construction uses.

Common Nails are Low Carbon and Media Carbon Wire Nails processed from the best steel mill in China. The Wire progressing steps generally include Drawing, Cutting, Shaping, Polishing(Galvanizing), Selecting and Packing.

Specifications: 2D, 6D, 8D, 10D,12D,16D, the building code defined a 10D common nail as 0.148 inches in diameter and 3 inches long. BWG 4-20 for all kinds of nails. polish common nails size: BWG 11*2.5 nail length 6 cm packaging is packet 100 piece nails cartoon contain 12 packet.

Material standard: Low carbon steel wire, Media carbon steel wire, meeting standard of Q195, Q215, Q235, galvanized steel. stainless steel.

Application: Common Nails are used for framing and other medium to heavy construction work, general construction purpose, wooden cases and furniture. according to specific uses, common iron nails can be divided into common round carpentry nails, concrete nails, furniture nails (special nails for modern furnitures including sofa and antique furnitures), boat nails and roofing nails.

Carbon Steel Wire Nails

Carbon Steel Nails for Concrete Building

Galvanized Steel Common Nails for Boat Building


Type common smooth  shank  nail
Material steel
Length 0.9mm---200mm
Shank  Diameter 0.8mm---6.0mm
Head   Diameter 1.6mm---12mm

Bright Square Head and Square Shank BOAT NAILS:
Mainly for wooden cases and wooden boat building construction
Diameter: BWG4--BWG20
Length: 1/2"-- 8"
Boat nails:
Material:Q195 or 235
Sauare Shank ,Diamond Point, Square Head
Finishes: Bright, E.G.H D G
Shank diameter BWG4-BWG16.
A). In carton or bag of 25kgs/20kgs/50lbs
B). In carton with 5kgsx 4boxes

Square Boat Nails Common Sizes:

1x15BWG 2-1/2x10BWG
1x16BWG 3x8BWG
1-1/4x14BWG 3-1/2x7BWG
1-1/2x14BWG 4x6BWG
1-1/2x14BWG 5x5BWG
1-3/4x13BWG 6x4BWG

With umbrella head, smooth body, twist body, mainly for building construction concrete wall.
Popular sizes:

Specifications: 8G, 9G, 10G, 11G, 12G, 13G
Length: 1"---6".
Shank Diameter: M1.2-M6.0 BWG6-16
Material : Q215 Carbon steel
Point: diamond point
Surface treatment: Polished, electro galvanized, hot-dip galvanized
Countersunk head or Flat head
Diamond Point or Needle point
Smooth Shank and Fluted shank
Surface Finishes: Electric Glvanized,Hot Dipped Galvanized, yellow, blue, black painted

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