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Hot Dipped Galvanized Umbrella Head Roofing Nail with Ring Shank and Twisted Shank

Ring shank or twisted shank nails enjoy better fastening and anti-withdrawing strength compared with common smooth shanks. Ring shank steel nails are mainly used for asphalt roofing and asbestos sheet roofs nailing.

Galvanized roofing nail with umbrella head and twisted / ring shank
2.5" X 7 3/4 BWG
2.5" X 8 BWG
2.5" X 8 1/4 BWG
Qty: container Load
Inspection: SGS
End Use: To be used with roofing sheets

2” Galvanized Painted Ring Shank roofing nail
Note: Ring throughout the entire shank.
Colors:Black,Red,Blue,Green and Grey, Silver coated.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Umbrella Head Roofing Nail
Hot Dipped Umbrella Head Roofing Nail. Twisted Shank
Packing: 1kg plastic bag pack.
65mmx 3.75mm
75mmx 3.75mm

General Information:
Ring shank roofing nails can be made from various materials from electro galvanized carbon steel, hot dipped zinc plated steel, stainless steel to aluminum or copper.
Wire diameter: 0.120", 3/4" ----3"
Technical Note: Large flat head, twisted shank, diamond point
Finish: Electro galvanized (blue zinc, yellow zinc)
Packing: 1kg/box, 25boxes/ctn; 50lb/ctn, 48ctns/pallet
Uses: Mainly for nailing asphalt roofing felts.
Popular material:Q195 wire rod(low carbon iron).


Ring Shank Roofing nails size 2' and 2.5' with standard diameter and packing 25 kg per cartoon
Shipments to different african ports:
roofing nails, with umbrella head, ring shank.
bwg9, 2.5"
packing: 50 kgs/ gunny bag

roofing nails, with umbrella head, plain ring shank
3.15 x 60 x 18
packing: 3.125 kg/box, 8 boxes/ carton
quantity: 20' container

Specification of HDG Hot Dipped Zinc Plating treatment umbrella head roofing nails with twist ring shanks:

 Material Q195,Q235 iron wire rod or according to your requirement
 Head umbrella head
 Finish galvanized
 Point Diamond Point
 Shank Plain shank, twisted shank
 packing 25kg/carton;50kg/gunny bag;according to request
 Size       9BWG X 1-1/2'', 2'', 2-1/2'' ,3''         
12BWG X2''

EG or Electric Galvanized Iron Nails with Ring Shanks, Blue or Yellow Copper Color:  

Nails for Fixing Asphalt Felt Roofings in House Building

description of production Electro galvanized nails with ring shanks for Asbestos Sheet
Guage No BWG8-BWG13
Length 1-6"
shank diameter 2.38mm-4.19mm
head umbrella head
shank type twisted shank,ring shank
surface treatment electro galvanized bright or into colors
usage link wooden, fixed asbestos shingle and plastic shingle ect
packing carton packing or gunny bag packing

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