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Concrete Nails, Electro Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel Concrete Nails

Concrete nails are specialty nails rather than common iron nails. It is harder, the shank is short and thick and it has excellent piecing and fixing strength. With these features, concrete nails make ideal nails and fasteners in construction, workshop and dailylife to attach wood, sheiving or any other type material to a concret or masonry surface . 

Product Serial No.:
Model: 13#,16#,20#,25#,30#,35#,40#,50#,60#,70#,80#,90#,100#,130#
Standard Length:13mm-130mm

Shank Diameter:1.60mm-5.50mm

Material: Carbon Steel C40, C45, stainless steel
Surface Treatment: Bright, E.G, H D G, yellow paint, black, blue
Head: Flat Head
Shank: twisted or smooth
Point: Diamond Point.

Black Painted Steel Nails for Concrete or Masonry Uses in Building

Concrete Nails: Carbon Steel Materials
Electro Galvanized Blue Plated
The Length of Nails/inch Specification The Number of Per Pound Nails Length Rod Diameter
1 12BWG 355 20mm 2mm
9BWG 182 25mm 2mm
1-1/4 12BWG 244 25mm 2.5mm
9BWG 145 30mm 3mm
1-1/2 12BWG 244 40mm 3mm
9BWG 123 50mm 3mm
2 12BWG 184 60mm 3.4mm
9BWG 96 70mm 3.4mm
2-1/2 8BWG 64 80mm 3.4mm

Stainless Steel Concrete Nails:

Feature: flat head, diamond point

Length: 1"-5" (25-120mm)

Shank diameter: 2.5mm to 5.2 mm

Head diameter:3mm to10 mm

Stainless Concrete Nails Specifications:

Length 25mm-120mm
Head Diameter 3mm-10mm
Shank Diameter BWG19-BWG8(2.5mm-5.2mm)
Shank Smooth Shank/ Spiral Shank
Point Diamond Point/Blunter Point
Surface Treatment Bright or color painted



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