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Sofa Nails
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Shank Types

Common nails and Roofing nails can be made with a variety of shank types while smooth shank, ring shank and screw shank are the most common shank types. These different shank types offer various properties for the roofing nails and give different application effects.

Smooth shank nails are the most popular types, with economic cost due to less cost of materials. Used in various general fastening.

Common Iron Nails for General Fastening in Construction

Ring-shank nails are used extensively in post-frame construction due to their superior performance. Ring-shank nails have approximately twice the withdrawal resistance of smooth-shank nails of the same diameter.

Nails for Fixing Asphalt Felt Roofings in House Building
Screw shank common nails enjoy superior holding strength, suitable for hard wood fastening in construction.

Wooden Cases Fasteners
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